Santiago dining table, Zanotta 2016

Santiago is a wooden dining table in three sizes to host up to ten people. The table is made of a solid wood top and narrow, tapering wooden legs braced by thin steel wires that illustrate the flow of forces. This construction—inspired by the skeletal work of architect, Santiago Calatrava (hence the name)—achieves maximum stability while keeping the wooden legs as slim as possible.

Material and color
Solid canaletto walnut, solid oak natural or with an open pore finish in black or white; steel wires in black, white or burgundy

W 240 × D 100 × H 75 cm
W 210 × D 90 × H 75 cm
W 145 × D 145 × H 75 cm

© Zanotta

The soft edges and underside emphasize lightness and the expansive top surface conceals strengthening T-profiles that prevent warping and remove the need for additional, bulky cross-bars.

© Zanotta

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